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What's this ridiculous scoreboard all about? This is the most interesting story I know. In 1916, the John Heisman coached Georgia Tech football team was the best on the planet. There was no one enrolled at Georgia Tech who had ever seen them lose a game. Heisman routinely squabbled with local reporters, claiming that there was no limit to the number of points his teams could score.

On the afternoon of October 7, Cumberland College took the field at the flats. For the next 55 minutes, Georgia Tech scored approximately every ninety seconds. The final score was 222-0.

There's a backstory here, and SBNATION's Jon Bois tells it in the Pretty Good series.. There's a book (now out of print, but I have a copy) titled "You Dropped It, You Pick it Up!" that contains first-hand accounts. I always thought this story would make a good novel or maybe a movie with George Clooney playing Heisman. While we wait, you might want to spend twenty minutes or so watching Bois's wonderful retelling of the story behind the most lopsided football game every played.

Andrew DeMillo is AP's Little Rock Capitol correspondent

Verified Voting: Computer Scientists advocating for transparent election processes and verifiable election systems

See the linkedin page for Rob DeMillo, CTO and Entrepreneur

Coalition for Good Governance is a small, volunteer-run, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization focused on election transparency and verifiability, frequently using litigation as the vehicle to protect voters’ rights to fair elections.

An award-winning writer, Gina DeMillo Wagner is known for her ability to take complex ideas, distill and convey them in a way that’s accessible to a wide audience.

SparkLabs Cyber + Blockchain accelerator is located in Washington D.C., which is one of the world's top cybersecurity ecosystems. Along with D.C.'s strengths, SparkLabs is bringing its global network and experience of investing in over 200 startups across six continents to this new global accelerator program.


Georgia’s voting systems are perfectly engineered to hide hacks and intrusions. When your elected leaders say there is no evidence that Georgia elections have been hacked, they are right! Diebold voting machines have been designed to destroy all traces of intrusion. Like Larry Vaughn, the fictional mayor of Amity, New York in “Jaws” they are trying to convince you that everything is OK. It is not.